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(207) 430-3664

Save $1000+ off a pair of Ultimate hearing aids

Experience sound quality and wireless connectivity that our forefathers couldn’t have imagined

Customizable and virtually invisible

Featuring the latest high-speed wireless technology, these hearing aids work together to process incoming sounds exceptionally fast. These devices expand your world by:

  • Distinguishing between speech and background noise—so you can follow conversations without being distracted.
  • Identifying where sounds come from—so you know where to focus your full attention.
  • Keeping you seamlessly connected—streaming sound from your cell phone, the TV and other wifi-connected devices.
  • Capturing sounds that you need (or long to hear), wearing hearing aids enhances your life. You’ll wonder how you managed without them.

Depending on your kind of loss and the needs of your individual lifestyle, you can choose from many styles, colors and features (please see examples below).

Make a no-obligation appointment* to try the various styles, so you can experience the difference for yourself.

Some restrictions apply.+ Sale ends on March 5, 2018.

Receiver in the ear

This nearly-invisible model is our most popular. When discretion counts, this device is for you. Fit just for your ears, this is one of several styles that sits snuggly in your outer ear canal.

Behind the ear

Some behind the ear (BTE) models have special features designed to enhance your experience in larger venues or crowds. If you have severe or profound hearing loss, a BTE model may be your best bet.

Invisible in the canal

No wind noise in this custom-molded nugget: Receiver in the ear (RITE) hearing aids deliver sound from a small speaker via a nearly invisible wire to the ear canal. This solution is designed for people with mild to moderate hearing loss.